• April 4th, 2016

Influences on oil price raises in the medium term

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The head of research in your firm has observed the significant decline in the price of oil over the past 2 years and believes that the market is now due to recover. You are a member of the firm’s research department and she asks you to write a report on how you think asset prices will be affected in the medium term if her view proves to be correct; that is, if the price of oil rises over the medium term.

Your report should begin by explaining the relevance of oil to the global economy.
(10 marks)
Your report should now evaluate the impact of a rise in the price of oil on each of:
Global equities (20 marks)
Global sovereign bonds (20 marks)
Commodities (other than oil) (20 marks)
Foreign exchange (20 marks)
For each asset class, you should provide academic references for the expected behaviour where possible and any scenario analysis or quantitative research which will support your views.

Your report should include one discretionary investment recommendation in equities, bonds or commodities (excluding energy) to add to the portfolio which you expect would be profitable if the price of oil increases in the medium term.
(10 marks)

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