• March 30th, 2016

Circadian Rhythms- About lack sleep. 4,5, 8 hour effects on cognition, functionability and alertness

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Must include 5 scientific sources,visual aids such as graphs, tables etc. Needs something that looks like data from an app. Include a literature review in the intro and conclusion. Must include Title, Intro (Paragraph about CR and info about question including the literature search(all references mentioned in intro) Why question was chosen. II. Methods- include all material instruments, procedures, and times (last week) III. Data/Results show results of the investigation including graphs, harts, pics and a paragraph explaining parameters that were highest or lowest. (all visuals labeled) and IV.Conclusion use data to compare with literature. Use lit to support conclusion. Must include citations. 1 1/2 spacing Font 12 Times new Roman

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