• March 24th, 2016

British (Uk) Steel industry

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Assessment Brief.
Critically evaluate the current situation facing British steel industry. You should be able to highlight the factors affecting UK steel manufacturers. Arguments should be based on contemporary information gathered from publications published between 2011 and 2016. Some references towards future of British steel industry are expected in your report.
Your assignment should address all of the following tasks:
1)Briefly provide background to the British steel industry as well as some references to the global steel industry (students should not just state the facts but draw key insights from the available data)
2)Discuss the key macro environmental factors (UK and non-UK) that have led to the current crisis.
3)Students should demonstrate the application of trade theories applicable in the British steel industry context.
4)Critically analyse the role of government in handling the current crisis (concepts related to protectionism should be highlighted).
5)Make 2 recommendations to British steel manufacturers based on your analysis and discussion above.
SHOULD BE 2000 words essay
REFRENCES In harvard style.

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