• March 15th, 2016


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Number of References: as much as required;
You task is to develop and program an automatic recommendation system in Mahout for a particular dataset. For this you should use the “FilmTrust” data which can be downloaded here:
The data comprises ratings of movies;
Please note, in order to load the data in Mahout, you may have to modify the data format accordingly.
You are required to submit a report outlining your approach and step by step discussing your decisions and system settings.
You are also required to discuss alternative approaches you took and your decision why you did not include them in your final implementation. In addition you must include an evaluation of your implementation and the alternative approaches you took in the report.
Your report should be 6 pages long, excluding figures and references (if applicable) and should demonstrate of professional technical writing skills and style.
The coursework should demonstrate:
An exceptional understanding of the principles of recommendation· systems.
Demonstration of professional technical writing skills and style.·
Excellent technical skills in implementing, testing and tuning the· recommender system
Clear presentation of the coursework.·

Apache Mahout – recommendation engines

System Design: Are the design decisions sensible and fit for purpose for the recommendation task?
Structure: How suitable is the adopted structure of the report, does it comprise an abstract, introduction, evaluation and discussion/conclusions?
Experimentation and Evaluation: Are the experiments conducted described in sufficient detail and adequate for the purpose of the system?
Format and Referencing: Is the format of the report adequate and demonstrate of professional technical writing skills and style?

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