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“Nationalism and youth work: a discussion of youth work responses to Australia Day”

The Australia Day public holiday (26th January) means different things to different sections of the

Australian population. Compare and contrast the different political responses to nationalism,

described in Heywood (2012), illustrating the differences by discussing how different political

positions would respond to points made in the media trigger articles. Analyse the implication of this

for how youth workers should respond to Australia Day.

Read the advice carefully before you begin the assignment

Essay requirements

Your assignment should be 1500-2000 words, and should be written as an essay.

References: your essay must have correctly formatted academic references. Follow the ECU

Referencing Guide (available as free download from the ECU Library website).

Quantity of references: The quality of your references and correct use of references is more

important than the quantity. References are suggested for each part –use these well. The references

are all available electronically through the library. You are expected to use your library search skills

to locate and access the suggested readings. Course notes and PowerPoints offer commentary on

the materials and readings, they are secondary sources – go to the original academic sources when

you reference.

Advice on the question

In this assignment you should demonstrate that you understand the five main responses to

nationalism, and that you can use this understanding to analyse how each perspective would

respond to criticism of Australia day, and to develop a response to a practical youth work problem.

In the question you are asked to consider the implications of your analysis for how youth workers

should respond to Australia Day. Youth workers work with a wide variety of young people from

different cultural backgrounds, including Indigenous young people and young migrants, and young

people who may support white ethnocentric nationalism. Should youth agencies host Australia Day

events? If so, what would be the purpose from a youth work perspective? What kind of event should

they hold? What should they call it? What message would the choice of name for the event convey

about the values of the youth work agency? What would a youth worker need to consider if

  1. a) A group of young people want it to be a patriotic ethno-cultural celebration?
  2. b) A group of young people want it to be an invasion/survival day event?

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