• March 10th, 2016


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Before you write this paper please review it as below to know what is about capstone course, and then write the paper based on the following question, thanks.
For review: The capstone (Master of Science in Leadership) project has unique objectives, and is not a traditional course. Your project will enable you to explore your leadership capacity and increase your ability while demonstrating what you have learned in your course of study. Your capstone focuses on achieving a set of goals while applying learned leadership theory and strategy — and management practices, too. You will demonstrate what you have learned, what you can do, and your readiness for the Master’s Degree by conducting your project and through assigned reports and presentations.

Questions that must be answered on the paper: (please don’t copy the questions to reduce the space)

You were expected to share ideas, then propose one, then create a plan, within the first two weeks. Was this realistic? Why or why not?

What were the reasons for the delay and difficulty so many of us experienced in choosing a capstone project during the first two weeks?

What could you and the University (your professors) have done differently, to prepare you for Week 1 of the capstone experience, in regard to forming ideas for your project?

What advice do you have for professors and future students to increase readiness for the capstone and successful process?

How do these questions relate to leadership?

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