• October 1st, 2017

2 part marketing question

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Kansas City-based Hallmark Cards, Inc., is the “personal expressions” industry leader, sell- ing nearly half of all greeting cards purchased in America. Joyce C. Hall founded the company in 1910. Since that time, the company’s creative staff has grown to more than 740 in-house artists, designers, stylists, photographers, writers and editors who design nearly 30,000 products each year. It also has a very large marketing department which relies heavily on in-house marketing research as well as independent marketing research companies to develop and evaluate, not only ideas for its cards, but various segmentation bases.
A. Discuss two possible segments for Hallmark (based on two different segmentation variables). One segment must be based on a behavioral variable (limit: 200 words).
B. You have identified two segments in (1). Explain how you would evaluate the two segments. Discuss whether using the two segments would be profitable (limit: 250 words).

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