• July 25th, 2015

Intro to Film: Contexts

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Essay Instructions:
In the first half of your essay, please summarize the critical essay in question. Then, in the second half, please use your summary as a framework to analyze the film in question, unless otherwise stated. In your analysis, please pay close attention to both the film’s narrative and mise-en-scène, and include a shot-by-shot analysis of at least one sequence in the film.

Essay Question:
According to Laura Mulvey, classical Hollywood cinema posits a spectator in a scopophilic regime, where her or his look is aligned with the voyeuristic gaze of an idealized male spectator. Moreover, in this process, a woman is reduced as a fetish that helps the idealized male spectator to disavow her as a castration threat. How does this scopophilic regime and process of fetishization work in The Sheik?

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