• July 7th, 2015

The impact of economic development on Democracy

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Please do not use fake references and put the PAGE NUMBERS where you reference. Formerly, one of the writers tried to deceive me with fake references  and my order was refunded. so please be careful about it. The order is going to be an article so methodology is very important and also theoretical framework. you can use case studies if you want. Turkey’s potential relationship between economic development and democracy can be studied or Brazil’s. or maybe both of them. It is up to you. Thank you very much.
freedom house’s date world bank’s data and polty’s data  about the selected country(ies) also can be used.
Democracy and development : political institutions and material well-being in the world, 1950-1990 Adam Przeworski

Lipset, Seymour Martin (1959). Some Social Requisites of  Democra­cy: Economic Develop­ment and  Political Legitimacy, in: American Politi­cal Science Review 53: 69-105.



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