• May 6th, 2015

Characterizing PMMA by using NMR solid state and DSC technique

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need lab report include of 1 introduction about NMR solid state and talk about T1( raw) then some introduction about DSC technique( differential scanning and then some about polymer PMMA. calorimetry).2- experiment which is mixture of equal ratio of Iso and syndio tactic 1:1.we dissolve the iso and syndio in chloroform (D2CL)then participate at Hexane. Then we use 500 NMR solid state to determine both of spectra and T1 raw.and we used DSC to determine Tg.

3- data analysis. T1 raw showed Iso at — and syndio at 8 for mixture should be the average between them but It showed higher then average at 12 the professor ask as to figure out why if we can. the NMR solid state spectra determination through the data that I will email it . the DSC showed one Tg for each one iso and syndio and one for mixture also which about the sum of both Tg that mean there are interaction happened between syndio and iso and it is blend very good.

so the determination for three things
I NMR solid state spectra
2 NMR solid stat T1 row
3 DSC (Tg)


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