• May 5th, 2015

Matlab Coding and Report

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements




I need both the completed Matlab code  and the Report.

Ok I have attached both the Assignment problem file

and previous years Assignment solution file for your convenience.

Please have a look and tell me if you need anything else as I have

other documents like lecture notes and ppt slides to help go about the


*Important* – Please don’t consider the Previous years solution paper as it is very lengthy and advanced.
I had just given it to you for reference purpose.

So please prepare a basic level solution with the Coding and a basic level Report containing only the below requirements to fetch minimum pass grade
( D grade) and at cheapest price quote :

* Report Contents

1.Heuristics used for search
2.Experiments run for collecting heuristics performance on a given puzzle set
3.Conclusions made on heuristics performance
4.References including all materials used

*Students are advised to not include used codes in the report to avoid Turnitin plagiarism and so advised to discuss main results and findings. All coding for extra grades must be explained and made ready to demonstrate after deadline.
Hence please don’t paste any coding images or screenshots in to the report as i said it can be a basic level report.

* Also I need the coding in a different file or possibly in the Matlab extension file put into a zip file.


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