• May 3rd, 2015

Analysis of Pressure Drop and Flow Structures for Strain-hardening Viscosity Fluids in Contained Flows

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1- All equations need to be re-writen using the words symbols tool.
2-Titiles need to get smaller in order to save space.
3- In section 2.0 LITERATURE REVIEW. I need about a half page talks about governing equations, Momentum, Stress and Continuity.
4- In section 3.3 Models
a) Oldroyd-B Model (constant shear-viscosity)
I need a graph or graphs that shows the behaviour of the flow in the given geometry, with an interpretation.
5- In section 5.2 Food industry rheology, I need more academic resources to enhance the information presented in that section. I need to give more details. Also I need a copy of the resources that you will use in order to submit them.
6- The conclusion need to be modified. It need to be more interesting.
7-Kindly highlight any changes you make with red.
8-Figures need to be aligned.


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