• May 7th, 2015

1000-line Codes

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



1000 lines of code
TOE (Tasks, objects, & Include a complete Events) chart.
Include a complete flowchart & pseudo code




Application Project/Presentation (200 points possible – 5 min max):

  • Plan, prepare, & design an application of your choice using Visual Basic coding principles. Remember to narrow down your topic. You may also opt to use a CASE Study from the Appendix in the back of the book.
  • Ensure that application core content satisfiesabout1000 lines of code. (keep in mind that all/any programmer’s info, white space, or comments inserted into the code does not count towards this requirement)
  • TOE (Tasks, objects, &Include a complete Events) chart.
  • Include a complete flowchart &pseudo code
  • What is your application’s potential and relevance in the community and business world, etc. (Some possible questions you might ask include: How does it relate to society? What is its importance? Usefulness? What do you think is its projected future outlook? etc).
  • Use applicable textbook, chapter exercises, discussions, and outside sources (primary & secondary, codeacademy.org, planet source code, etc).
  • Prepare a brief Topic Summary document. This should contain the following items:
    1. A brief summary explaining your application project topic and what you set out to accomplish.
    2. List all the participating members of your group and outline what each of their responsibilities entailed.
    3. Lastly, give a brief wrap-up or conclusion on the outcome of your project.
    4. Cite your sources appropriately (e.g. websites, blogs, message boards, chatrooms, or social media, etc)


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